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Aulad Journal on Early Childhoodi is an peer-reviewed journal dedicated to interchange for the results of high quality research and community service in all aspect of early childhood.

Focus and Scope of  Aulad  is research, study and analysis related to early childhood include; development of moral and religious values, physical motor development, emotional social development, cognitive development, language development, artistic and creative development, parenting, parenting, management institution of early childhood, early child development assessment, child development psychology, child empowerment, learning strategy, Educational tool play, instructional media, innovation in early childhood education, children's health, and primary education. 

About Journal

Journal title Aulad: Journal on Early Childhood
Subject Early Childhood
Language English (preferred), Indonesia
ISSN 2655-433X  (online)  2655-4798 (Printed)
Frequency 3 issues per year  
DOI Prefix 10.31004/aulad by Crossref
Acreditation SINTA 3  SK  0041/E5.3/HM.01.00/2023   1 February 2023
Editor-in-chief Mohammad Fauziddin  
Publisher Perkumpulan Pengelola Jurnal PAUD Indonesia (PPJPAUD)
Citation Analysis Google Scholar, Dimensions
OAI https://aulad.org/index.php/aulad/oai

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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2024): In Progress
Published: 2024-05-08

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